Did you know that CHEMICAL FOAM in your mattress outgases forever? 

Dozens of harmful carcinogens and hazardous toxins contaminate your air as you innocently sleep, including nerve-damaging toluene. 

Meanwhile, our organic mattresses smell fresh and natural.

Call for an appointment and we will help you find your ideal comfort — from firm and grounding to cotton-cloud soft...

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Luxury Organic Matresses
& Bedding

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Time to snuggle up and get cozy... 

on your heavenly new Organic Mattress!


Luxury Organic Matresses & Bedding

The first place to "go green" should be your bedroom, because you spend a third of your life here.

You’ll breathe easy and sleep sumptuously with our pure and heavenly Luxury Organic Mattresses — the highest quality ORGANIC latex mattresses that you’ll find anywhere.

In our Fairfield showroom you can try out many organic softness/firmness combinations until you discover your own personal comfort level.

Call us for a PRIVATE SHOWING available by appointment 7 days a week, 8 am to 8 pm.

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Right now, we offer you our 100% organic mattresses at our exclusive discount of 20% OFF.

We have organic crib mattresses, too! We also have royal quality organic latex and organic wool pillows.

Come and experience the joys of blissful rest for yourself. Contact us to schedule a private showing of our organic mattresses and bedding. Call us (641) 472-8400 or send us an e-mail: 

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Our factory direct showroom is located at:

1200 E. Burlington Avenue, 
Fairfield, Iowa
(1 mile east of Fairfield town square)

We’ll help you find your ideal comfort, from firm and grounding to cotton-cloud soft ...

Sweet dreams ...